Auction Coming!!

Contact An Agent

Appearing Telephonically:
In order to appear via phone, you must contact the Trustee and have transmitted to the Trustee a
cashier’s check or money order in your desired maximum bid* amount prior to Wednesday,
July 17, 2019. We can not accept funds after July 17, 2019. You will be required to call, on the
exact day and time of the auction, a telephone number that will be provided to you. Upon
verbal confirmation, the Trustee will then purchase the timeshare on your behalf, if the funds
provided meet the highest bid amount. Any excess funds will be promptly returned to you on
the next business day.
How may I contact the Trustee?
The Trustee may be contacted at: Matthew R. Gross, J.D., P.A. 1101 Douglas Avenue, Suite
1000, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714, phone: (407) 403-5936, or by email at: Due to the large interest in these auctions, email is the preferred
method of communication.